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Desert Design & Development LLC (D3LLC) was founded on two core principles.  To design unique firearm systems and accessories and develop them to meet the current and future needs of our customers.  Whether you are in law enforcement, a civilian enthusiast, military, or a peace keepers, we can create a solution for you.

Our key product lines are suppressors.  We apply the commonly accepted engineering and inject our creative design to make a suppressor that is both highly efficient, effective and affordable.  We’re not the most inexpensive but far from the price of the big players.  The performance and quality will eclipse the price you pay.

Our founders, Michael Lamb and James Seto, brings over 40 years of combined experience in the firearms industry.  Their experience includes concept design, engineering, machining, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer service.  Their goal is not to be the biggest, just the best.  Who judges them?  Our customers and peers.

We love Arizona!  Therefore, we try to use as many Arizona based manufacturers to supply us parts or accessories that we don’t manufacturer ourselves.

Our Fans

Instructor Zero

We are honored that Instructor Zero chose to use our D3-9SD carbine during his ICTS drills. Thanks Instructor Zero! Check out the video here

Travis Haley

Travis Haley is a fan of our D3-9SD carbine and features it in his video release of his D3 Sling.   Check out the video here

What people are saying about D3LLC

We are extremely excited to see we made the cover of Gun World Magazine, August 2016 publication.  Along with the cover, there is a nine page spread about our D3-9SD and options.  A very well written piece. Thanks for the honor!  This edition should hit the news stands by the end of June. Or, follow this LINK to purchase a single issue or subscribe to Gun World Magazine.

Gun World Magazine, August 2016Gun World Magazin

We were featured on AllOutdoor.com on June 6, 2016.  A fine “hands on” review of several of our products during the annual Mr. Silencer Demo Shoot in Mesa, AZ.

CrankAllOutdoor.com authorall out door

Our D3-9SD was listed as one of the “19 New Cutting-Edge Rifles for 2016”. Our barrel/suppressor design keeps proving to be a winner in the eyes of the industry.

Fred MastisonauthorTactical-Life.com

… I do have to say that this is sick quiet. due to the integral suppressed system. I am sure the MP5SD would be performing just as well. If you are in Law Enforcement I would highly recommend you contacting James to discuss details about this weapon. It is very light and comfortable to use, as well as a standard AR platform/controls.

Range Time NetworkYouTube Range Time Network

Instructor Zero and Funker Tactical takes our D3-9SD out for a spin. We love to see the expressions on the face of the shooter when they fire the first round out of our carbines. It’s priceless.  Funker Tactical was able to capture this and present our product with great professionalism.

Funker TacticalInstructor Zero YouTube Funker Tactical

Last night my friend, my son, and I got to head to the local desert with the fine folks at Desert Design & Development, LLC to test their new design, which is a 9mm suppressed SBR carbine. It’s a cool rifle, because even with regular ammo it’s design reduces the report enough not to need hearing protection! Listen to how ridiculously quiet that rifle is with 158gr subsonic rounds in it. This is a seriously cool build. I need to save my pennies to buy one.  LINK to video

Active Self Protectionfacebook

Meet the Desert Design & Development, LLC D3-9SD integrally suppressed Carbine. Because of its design it’s very quiet with all of the 9mm ammunition tested. From the standard HPR 115 gr. high velocity to the HPR EMCON 147 gr. subsonic, the D3-9SD fully suppressed them all. This is due to its proprietary ported 6.75″ barrel and 12″ integral suppressor system. Much like the HK MP5-SD, the barrel ports bleed the excess gasses and prevents the projectile from reaching supersonic speeds. Thus, everything you feed it will be reduced to subsonic speeds, never allowing the sonic crack found in supersonic ammunition….

Unleaded InkFacebook FanUnleaded Ink Facebook

Very knowledgeable and great guys to work with. I have had one fire arm transfered to them so far and another on its way and havent had an issue. Also for the record went out of there way after normal hours to grab my lower and get the tranfer done.

September 8, 2015

Brandon MFacebook Fan

I wanted to share my experience with Michael Lamb, and James Seto of Desert Design and Development LLC.

I recently purchased their Defcon 2 .30 cal suppressor. I had my mind made up that I was going to buy a SilencerCoSaker 762, but when I learned they were offering serial number 0001, I jumped on the opportunity. I have always tried to support local business, and in this case it was well worth it. I met up with Michael to pay for the can and fill out paper work etc. He was more than accommodating as his wife and he had just welcomed a new baby into the world something like 8 days earlier. He showed me the suppressor in all of its raw titanium glory, and man is it beautiful. I must admit, I was on the fence as its direct thread only, which makes it a minor inconvenience to swap, but they have a QD system in the works which can be retrofitted. After talking guns a while he said “screw it, do you want to shoot it? it will only take 10 minutes”

Ben FFacebook Fan

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